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Begin The Experience

Served with Choice Of— Fries, Chips, Cole Slaw, Mixed Greens, Caesar or Chef’s Side of The Day

SUB ANY BREAD with KETO option add 2
Greens & Things

add grilled chicken 5 | add grilled shrimp 6 | add blackened shrimp 6 | add blackened chicken 5 | add ahi tuna* 10 | add steak* 9 | add blackened fish 5 | add grilled burger patty* 6 | add salmon 10
Hearty Fare

add mixed green or caesar salad to any hearty fare entrée 5
Chappy's Kids

includes drink & choice of side salad, vegetables or fries
Signature Cocktails
After Dinner Cocktails
White Wine By The Glass
Bottled White Wine
Red Wine By The Glass
Bottled Red Wine
Premium Wine by the Bottle
Sweet & Blush By The Glass
16 oz Draft
Bottled Beer